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I know since Adobe announced the Creative Cloud, I have been contemplating switching from my normal “buy the upgrades” to this new system.

One of my concerns was what happens in the future when we need to open an old project that doesnt work the same way in the current versions?  or has a feature that was dropped?

Well it appears that once you join Creative Cloud, any of the apps and versions that you can download will remain there for at least 5 versions. So if you join now, and remain a cloud member, even when CS10 comes out you can still go back and use CS6 if need be.

For Photoshop and Illustrator that may not be so necessary, but us After Effects users know that we routinely need to use older versions due to many circumstances such as effects that havent been updated, features that were removed, client restrictions, etc

With this information, it seems that at least one worry has been acknowledged and addressed and I applaud Adobe for this solution


  1. Now, if the Cloud would let you access versions all the way back to PS1, that would be cool. I’d pay extra for that option.

    • you can always but in a request… you never know

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